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Can I connect to 7SPOT from this store?

7SPOT is a free Wi-Fi service. You can use free high-speed internet access up to three times a day, 60 minutes per session. You can refer to Seven Eleven Guidebook via a general communication line or 3G line. If you answer the questionnaire by accessing to 7SPOT at a 7-ELEVEn store, you will receive special Japanese-style wallpapers for free.


▲7SPOT is offered at stores with this mark.

Japanese translation

Can I connect to 7SPOT from this store?


* Another window will pop-up.

[How to connect to 7SPOT in store.]

Those using 3G connections can connect to 7SPOT (free Wi-Fi service) through the following process.

  1. How to connect1

    1. Select the "Setting" icon.

  2. How to connect2

    2. Select "Wi-Fi".

  3. How to connect3

    3. With "Wi-Fi" on, select "7SPOT" from the network list.

  4. How to connect4

    4. Enter the following URL